Thursday, February 14, 2013

Coconut Crazy

Happy Valentines day! I always say how much I hate this "holiday" but I have to admit I actually kind of like it. Whether I have a Valentine or not, I like the feeling of all the love everyone shares on this day. I like the pink and red and cutsey decorations. I even enjoy all of my Facebook friends bragging about what presents they got from their boyfriends too.

Here is a picture of my Valentine's Do...

Today was interesting to say the least... 

My 4 pm highlight and haircut appointment came about 40 minutes early. She showed up with wet hair and my manager told her she might want to go and blow dry it with one of our blowdryers so that we can get started right away after I finish my first client. She insisted that it wasn't wet and that she had coconut oil in her hair and she didn't want to wash it out.

So I finish my first client and send her on her way and get my coconut lady, Amanda*, in my chair. During the consultation she began to explain that she had coconut oil in her hair and that she has left it on before and had organic color applied to her hair and it is fine. I have never done color with any sort of oil or wetness to the hair before. She swore up and down that she has done it before and that the coconut oil protects her hair better from the bleach we would have to use for her highlights.

I was very confused but was also trying to please her and give her my professoinal opinion. I asked her to show me a picture of what she wanted and she showed me a picture of Kate Moss with platinum blonde hair. Amanda's hair was all sorts of different colors ranging from a medium brown to an orangey blonde. But with the massive amount of oil on her hair, I couldn't even really tell what her natural color was either!

I began to explain to her that I did not feel comfortable doing her color with all this oil on her head and asked if we could wash it out, dry it, and start from scratch. She refused. She even said that she would pay $20 extra to leave it on. At this point I knew this appointment wasn't going to be easy...

I do her highlights and then it came time to rinse it out. She then reaches into a bag she brought and wants me to use her organic shampoo and conditioner even though every product we use at the salon is... ORGANIC! I put her craziness to the side and said "fine". Before she sits at the shampoo bowl she pulls out a gallon of water for me to use instead of our sink water.

Yes, she brought in two gallons of purified water for me to rinse her hair out with. I am silently laughing inside and I can only imagine the facial expression I made as she requested this from me. I finally convinced her that I needed to use our water to get enough water pressure to rinse out all the color.

She was so intent on leaving her coconut oil in her hair and she was not budging. So for those of you going to a salon for any type of treatment, don't have product in your hair so the professional can do her work the right way! 

For any hair stylist reading this, what would you have done? What has been your most difficult client to deal with so far in your career?

What is your favorite hair "trick" that you live by/believe in? I can't go a day without my hairspray and my teasing brush!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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