Friday, February 15, 2013


Happy Friday! I wish I could actually believe in the phrase "TGIF" but I will forever be working Saturday's for the rest of my life in a salon! Which is okay by me because that's when I make the most money. So tomorrow it will be TGIS!

Now that February is sloooowly coming to an end, wedding season is about to be here! 

(That's my cousin who's hair and makeup I did for her wedding. And me on the end!)

Like they say "don't judge a book by it's cover" it has the same effect for a wedding party. My salon specializes in weddings for hair and makeup and it's one of my favorite parts about my job! A few months ago a group of 12 girls walked in with their over sized white button downs with their initials embroidered next to the collar. I immediately thought they were going to be a hard group to handle, but they were surprisingly a super fun group! All of the girls had been friends since high school, just like my friends and I. It was so easy to get along with each of them because we were all so similar in so many ways.

Wedding parties can be fun but trust me, there is usually one bad apple of the group. And it's not ever the bride! It's always some random bridesmaid or one of the moms. You can do anything in your power to try and make that client happy, but no matter what you do she will hate it. That's just the way it goes in salon world. Lots and lots of crazies!

Two of my good friends got married in November and I had the best time at their wedding. The wedding was at House On the Hill in Austin and it was the cutest wedding I have ever been to! It seriously looked like a Pinterest wedding.

 The weather was perfect and the champagne was flowin'!

Sugar Mama's cupcakes were served and there were even a few gluten-free flavors in there too.

Speaking of champagne flowing, my date who is also my best girl friend passed out in the bathroom for the best man to find. It was definitely a wedding to (not) remember! What's your craziest story from a wedding you've been to?

I wish you all a fabulous weekend and hope you have something fun planned! I have a day full of clients tomorrow and then I'll be off to San Antonio to see my boo and I can't wait!

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  1. I just discovered your blog.. it is so funny and interesting. I love your cousin's wedding picture.. you did a great job on her hair. Keep the 'hairy' tales coming!