Monday, February 18, 2013

Manic Monday

Grateful to get through another Monday! This weekend was jam packed of DRIVING for me! Speaking of jam packed, my family and I have had this joke between all of us using the phrase "jam packed and jelly tight" from a summer when we went to Disney World. We were on a bus going to the park that was super packed and very hot and our tour guide described the bus as that. So my weekend was jam packed and jelly tight full of driving it felt like.

Saturday at the salon was a good day. I did hair and makeup for a girl that was getting her UT graduation pictures taken and she was super sweet. I had a few other clients and then one client who didn't show up and didn't call. Note to you all, if you ever can't make an appointment, just call and cancel! Especially in my industry, we get paid commission only and if you don't show up we don't get paid. That time slot could have been used for another client that would have showed up for their service.

After work on Saturday I drove to San Antonio and had the idea that I would stay all weekend until Monday morning but totally forgot we had a bridal show to work at The Oasis. So Saturday night I spent it in San Antonio which was fun and then I left the next morning to go to The Oasis. The turn out wasn't as great as we expected it to be but it was a great experience anyway. The girls and I got to do the hair and makeup for the fashion show and also got to have our own booth there too.

This was one of the girls I did hair and make up on

Everyone ended up looking great and they all got to wear these amazing head pieces too!

The girls I work with - Destiny and Kristan

Our beautiful view of the day. I always forget how pretty The Oasis is and I need to go more often! It was definitely a fun day just getting to hang out with the girls I work with and meeting new people.

After being at The Oasis all day I drove back to San Antonio for the night and came back this morning for work. I am definitely crazy, I know this. So that is why today has been a manic Monday. Work was great today and saw a now regular client of mine that I love. I also found out that my application for my new apartment got approved and I scheduled movers to move me in on Wednesday!

This week has a lot in store for me not only for my move but some work opportunities too! I am feeling very excited and very hopeful for the future!

Also, for those of you wondering how my coconut crazy clients hair turned out, it turned out fine. It was definitely not how I wanted it to look ONLY because she wouldn't let me put a toner on it! Sometimes bleach can turn the hair an orange or brassy color and when you add a toner to it, it cancels those colors out and gives you the shade of blonde you want. So since she didn't let me use a toner for whatever wacko reason she had for it, it was a little brassy. Other than that, her hair looked good!

I hope everyone has a great week and stay tuned for my big move and news on my new opportunity coming up!

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